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Hi. I am Tony Costello and I started Acos Filler Limited.

I have spent most of my working life working as a packaging development engineer. A large proportion of this time was spent in the controlled atmosphere packaging area.

I started developing the Acos filling system in December 2013.  The idea germinated from a project I had previously been working on to produce a low sugar carbonated tea. As I could not find a good entry level filling and capping system anywhere!

I saw the growth in the micro brewing industry around the world and I wanted to develop a filling system that would give both the serious home brewers and the small brewing companies a cost effective filling system. To be successful in this enterprise I knew I had to take into account the susceptibility of beer to oxygen - so this was a big focus.

During the development process I built many different prototypes. As with a lot of new developments, the prototypes can be what I call "bits on bits" because in the early days of developments you need to concentrate on the function, not necessarily the form. The production machines will be different as they will be improved from a functional design perspective.

We have obtained patent protection on the machines, the unique technology and systems and currently we have a number of Acos filling and capping machines in successful use in New Zealand microbreweries.

We have engaged an industrial design company to help us to the next level. We have been re- evaluating the Acos Rotary Filler and Capping Machine through this design phase and as a result we have incorporated a number of improvements and enhancements. This has delayed the process, but I am very excited with the results as they have significantly improved the functionality and machine specification.

Another task that we need to complete is to lock down the selling price. I am still aiming at having a sale price around US$25,000, but we will not know until we finish this exercise. This is a top priority and it will be done shortly.

I have been surprised by the number of enquiries for the machines globally. Once we have agreed selling price we will be seeking order confirmation, so we can gear up for our 1 st production run. We should be able to start taking orders at the beginning of February 2018 with a shipping date of about 8 to 12 weeks from order.

We are also reworking the design of the Acos Hand Filler and Capper Machine. This will incorporate the design work we have done on the automatic Acos Rotary Machine. I believe we now have a significantly better design approach for this bench top machine. Our target selling price for this machine is around US $2,250. This machine will be able to process about 3 bottles per minute.